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The first ever makeup brush exfoliator.

The most effective makeup brush cleanser, yet natural and gentle.

Dries your brushes quickly and without damaging them.

Basically get a Brush Bubbly free when you purchase a Brush Bar and Brush Board.

Clean Brush Kit

Everything you need to easily and quickly keep your makeup brushes squeaky clean -- and ready to make you look good!

Kit includes:

  • 1 Brush Board - the first ever makeup brush exfoliator
  • 1 Brush Bubbly 4 oz. - an ultra-powerful yet gentle brush cleanser

The ultimate crime-fighting duo to clean your brushes of:

  • bacteria (that causes breakouts and wrinkles!)
  • dead skin (ew!)
  • old makeup (let's put a fresh coat on 😅)

Get the entire kit and save

Get the Brush Bar, Brush Board, and Brush Bubbly for only $78 (reg $94)!