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The first ever makeup brush exfoliator.

The most effective makeup brush cleanser, yet natural and gentle.

Dries your brushes quickly and without damaging them.

Basically get a Brush Bubbly free when you purchase a Brush Bar and Brush Board.

The Brush Board

The first ever makeup brush exfoliator

  • Made of firm material for maximum cleaning power
  • Water-pooling sections that cup water for a lasting lather
  • 6 different textures to scrub between and around the bristles
  • For the most effective clean, apply a brush cleanser and a splash of water before gently swirling brushes back and forth along the board’s surface.
  • Can easily be cleaned by running it under warm water and laying out to dry
  • Keeps hands clean and dry as you wash your brushes
  • Comes with its own velour carrying case

    Get the entire kit and save

    Get the Brush Bar, Brush Board, and Brush Bubbly for only $78 (reg $94)!